Little Hop Brewing

Little Hop Brewing is the creation of Pacific Northwest natives and husband and wife team, Zak and Lisa Cate.

Years of dreaming to open their own brewery combined with home brewing and professional brewing experience by Zak became propelled forward into existence during the pandemic when everyone was working on their side hustle. 

Our goal is to produce quality local beer for beer lovers of the Portland area in a time when more and more people are enjoying beer from the comfort of their couches and backyards.

In an effort to make beer enjoyment easier at this time, Little Hop Brewing will bring the beer to you, our love of beer combined with your love of staying home in your sweats is a match made in quarantine heaven…or hell as it may be. But good beer can help that!
Little Hop Brewing is located on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon.  Our brewery produces simple takes on traditional styles and local twists to modern and farmhouse style beers. A lot of beer is hop centric but ours showcases malt, especially locally made malts from Mecca Grade Estate Malts and Skagit Valley malt. What sets us apart is an ever-changing line up without the gimmicky beers; no breakfast cereal stouts or slushy puree fruit bombs here, instead you will find experimental hop IPAs and lagers and seasonal fruit and herb farmhouse styles. Quality in its simplest form. Our tap list does not feature any flagship beers or familiar favorites, rather we hope every visit to Little Hop Brewing will be a new experience.


owner & beer enthusiast